12 Week Self Love Journal
12 Week Self Love Journal
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12 Week Self Love Journal Weekly Journalling Page
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12 Week Self-Love Journal

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The 12 Week Self-Love journal has been designed with love and pure intention to help you heal, grow and cultivate self-love.

Each week we’ve included prompts that are designed to massively increase your sense of self-worth. By filling these out over a 12 week period, you are guaranteed to learn to love yourself unconditionally and become a much happier and fulfilled version of yourself.

You can fill out your self-love journal on whichever days are best for you to help you become more self-aware and cultivate self-love, programming your mindset in a positive way.

Each week we’ve created a page that’s dedicated to bringing you healing guidance in the form of tips, exercises and information on important aspects of healing including inner child healing and shadow work.

Record and reflect in our beautiful journal and become a stronger, healthier, more authentic you. 

Our Self-Love Journal includes a free downloadable 30 minute Self-Love Affirmations Subliminal Track created by us, to help you reprogram your subconscious mind. The more you repeat phrases or affirmations that align you with the vibrations of your dreams — the more change you will see and feel. It is a tool to help you manifest the version of you and the life you wish to have.

What’s Inside:

✓ Healing guidance

✓ Self-love surveys 

✓ Self-love prompts

✓ Positive affirmations

✓ Motivational quotes

✓ Self-love and self-esteem exercises

✓ Confidence goal setting


✓ Printed on 100% eco-friendly recycled paper

✓ 54 inside pages

✓ 12 weeks of daily journaling

✓ Tools to help you banish negative thought patterns

✓ Psychologist-backed strategies you can trust 

✓ Undated

✓ A5 size

✓ Free 30 minute downloadable Self-Love Affirmations Track included

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