Spiritual guides, intuitive lightworkers, healers, white witches, and two best soul friends on a divine mission to help humans break free from their personal limitations, raise people's vibrations and make the world a more loving place. 

Our journey through challenges, heartbreak, loss, addiction + mental health struggles has led us both down paths of powerful transformation – to a place where we learned to heal our traumas, learn to love ourselves wholeheartedly and live life authentically rooted in our truth. We now use these tools to move through life’s ups and downs and empower people just like you to live your life to its fullest potential.

To help you on your path to healing and self-discovery, we produce empowering and healing content including guided meditations, self-help tools & services that have been created with love and pure intention to raise your vibration and offer you support and guidance on your journey. 



Aquarius, Empath, Creative, Multifaceted Soul 

After years of ruled by debilitating anxiety + depression, avoiding everything she feared in life, Kirsty finally found freedom in letting herself feel the depth of her emotions, heal from past traumas and overcome her limiting beliefs with the help of meditation, spiritual practices and the Law of Attraction.

She devoted the next several years of her life deepening her understanding of spiritual healing, self-love and LOA. It taught her how to truly love herself, surrender the ego, step out of her comfort zone and find peace within, and she came to realise that it was her soul purpose to help others heal, break through their barriers and leave their limiting beliefs behind them.

Through her healing journey, Kirsty discovered how connected she's been to spirituality her whole life without even realising it. It didn't take her long to tap into her intuitive abilities to connect with spirit guides & angels to help herself + others on their journey. 

It has become Kirsty’s mission in life to use her intuitive abilities + healing energy to help as many people as possible find their inner peace, stop letting fear control their lives, express themselves fully, and take the big bold actions that their heart truly desires so that they can step into their power.


For over 10 years David has been studying the healing benefits of sacred frequency, music therapy and meditation, inspired through healing his own personal battles with grief and addiction.

“Helping others to heal and prosper is the power we cultivate.”

~ David Pascoe

David holds the simple belief in his heart that, it isn't easy, but it's worth it. And if we do this together, if we help guide one another, we can make this a lighter more enjoyable journey for all. We can make this easy.

As soon as David started truly healing deep within, he became more aware of subconscious blocks that limit you. Ever since then, it has been David’s own personal mission to help others blast through those blocks that hold us down by using his passion for music to create premium quality, divinely orchestrated guided meditations, affirmation tracks, subliminals etc. with an aim to rewrite your limiting core beliefs & ultimately, turn your life around.

David's spiritual journey has allowed him to tap into his intuitive and psychic abilities and enter alternate realities to support people on their healing journeys. He is divinely connected to angels, goddesses and spirit guides from other realms and uses his ability to create healing tools + offer spiritual guidance.